High technical aluminium systems for curtain walls.

We kindly offer to your attention the leaders in technological development and production of aluminium facade systems: Schüco, Alumil, Etem

Nowadays curtain walls are inseparable part of each and every modern building. Curtain walls attract and impress every passerby with lightness, elegance, openness and transparency.

The curtain wall is a construction of mutually connected horizontal and vertical aluminium  profiles. This construction forms continuous external envelope for the building. Additional advantages for facades of this kind are: light construction, flow of more light and space, as well as unlimited colour-range.

The curtain wall offers achieving different clear shapes with accuracy and precision of lines. Moreover curtain walls possess very good sound protection properties as well as thermal insulation values. Everything mentioned above undoubtedly and easily makes these facade type a preferable choice for every designer and architect. These facades are produced by using “construction glass” (“architectural glass”) and it can be in numerous variations. Besides glass, a main element for the curtain walls is the the aluminum profile.


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Алуминиева система за окачени фасади Reynaers CW 50

Reynaers CW 50

Aluminium system for Curtain Walls: Reynaers CW 50

Unlimited creative freedom and maximum entrance of light

Concept Wall® 50 is a façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency. As such, CW 50 is available in several design and glazing variants, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire-resistance and thermal insulation. The design variants offer solutions for both the exterior and the interior of the building. The glazing variants range from using standard pressure plates, to structurally glazed and structurally clamped solutions.

The extensive range of CW 50 profiles meets all requirements of contemporary architecture. With regard to the energetic performance, the system offers solutions in different levels, allowing the use of triple glazing and making the system even applicable for passive house or low energy buildings. In addition to that, dedicated opening types can also be seamlessly integrated; like a parallel opening window, a top hung window, a hidden vent turn and tilt window, but also a flush roof vent for integration in roof applications of CW 50.


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Вентилируеми фасадни системи

Вентилируеми фасадни системи

Ventilated facade systems

They provide a high level of comfort for the inside environmental conditions. Ventilated facade systems take the function of finishing decorative execution for the facade and protect all layers underneath from atmospheric impact. This system’s philosophy allows a free movement of all elements, due to temperature expansion of different elements and following the laws of constructional physics. The facade envelopes, with their diversity, influence on the quality of urban infrastructure, thus influence on the quality of our personal life.

Алуминиеви окачени фасади Schüco UCC 65 SG

Schüco UCC 65 SG

Element-facade system Schüco UCC 65 SG

It benefits numerous options for planning the facade envelope, at the same time it has very short installation times, submitting fast solutions with calculable costs. With regular curtain walls, installation is conducted through gradually assembling separate profiles. Firstly the vertical and horizontal (mullion-transom) elements are assembled and secondly the glazing takes place. The advantage of element facades, such as Schüco UCC 65 SG is that installation is done through direct placing of separate assembled and already glazed elements. The benefits are – reduced costs, shorter installation times and that there is NO need of building additional scaffolds.

Алуминиеви окачени фасади fasadi-Schüco FW 50+ FW 60+

Schüco FW 50+ / FW 60+

Facade systems: Schüco FW 50+ / FW 60+

Facade with cap:

Schüco FW 50+ и Schüco FW 60+  Series with visible horizontal 50mm and vertical 60mm aluminium units, that are  reaching the best levels of heat transfer coefficient. The diversity of options for implementing door and window systems grant freedom architectural creativity and decisions. Facade types with cap are distinguished with classical appearance.


Structural facade:

Schüco FW 50+ SG и Schüco FW 60+ SG Series are designed for glass facades with thin silicone side between the separate glazings. Invisible outside aluminium elements with the best possible thermal insulation properties. These profiles are with very thin width (horizontal 50mm and vertical 60mm) and are visible only from the inside, completing the building in a very elegant and stylish manner.

Алуминиеви окачени фасади Alumil M6

Alumil M6

Aluminium system Alumil M6 for curtain walls

 Complete system for curtain walls

  • 55 mm width of mullions and transoms;
  • Thermal insulation – up to  Uf = 1.5 W / m2k;
  • A wide variety of mullions for high wind loads;
  • A variety of designs for the visible aluminium covers;
  • Structural glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms;
  • All kinds of opening windows can be added to the curtain wall (parallel, projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn);
  • All kinds of surfaces can be constructed (inclined, polygonal);
  • Unlimited RAL colours choice, as well as woodgrain finishing избор от цветове по RAL и възможност за боядисване в дървесен декор.
Окачени фасади Etem E-85

Etem E-85

The Aluminium system for curtain walls  Etem E-85

is a reliable system of aluminium window frames for glass curtain walls systems with 50 mm profile width. This system has got a thinner visible width in comparison with other systems, this gives it an outstanding characteristic and makes it a preferable choice for architects.. The system is with proved wind-tightness and water-tightness performance, due to wide inner 3-level channels that aren’t interrupted in the mullion-transoms connection, specially designed accessories and additional profiles for sealing facade’s periphery;Optimum value of thermal insulation, even in regions with severe weather conditions. Heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1,5 W/m2K ( for amplitude in temperature of 60°С, outer temperature -40°С, premises’ temperature +20°С, temperature measured in the mullion is +17°С)

The certifications the system acquired, which were obtained from accredited European laboratories in accordance with European and American specifications, prove that E85 is one of the top facades available and it exceeds with about 40 % the most rigorous classes according to European standards.