Generally said, the fitting system is the equipment of all metal elements, that make the frames open, close or lock. Your window frames – hinges, hooks, joints, handles, scissors, corners and other small, specific and particular parts.

The fitting system is of exclusive importance for the good functioning of a window. We work with WinkHaus fitting systems, a German company. They offer a wide range of options for meeting every personal client’s needs. This fitting system is multi-dimensionally adjustable.

WinkHaus is one of the leading world companies for fitting systems. They produce different fitting systems that allow a wide diversity of opening options. Besides the standard opening manners – one axis (on a horizontal axis) – two axis (horizontal and vertical axis) and the falling wing (so called scissors) WinkHaus also offers many unordinary and innovative solutions, as for example – a window “arched” type, windows canted from the top, hidden fitting systems and parallel opening.

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„Harmonica“ type of mechanism

“Harmonica” type of mechanism for windows and doors

Fitting systems for windows and doors with folding wings “harmonica” type. This fitting system is with a specific and unusual mechanism that allows having large passage area when opened and exceptionally light and quiet wings movement. Within this type of fitting system the rails for the mobile parts can be installed down or on top of the sash, depending on the particular needs. The “harmonica” type of mechanism can be produced either from aluminium or PVC frames.

These mechanisms are preferable choice for covering and accomplishment of large openings, for example – exhibitions, restaurants, entertainment zones, terraces and others, whereas the requirement for maximum passage exists. The “Harmonica” type portal system wings’ fold either to only one or to both sash sides, done by a special frame or through wheels (particular and special elements for the “Harmonica” type fitting systems) and they provide almost 100 % opened, accessible, available and free area.


Механизъм Volkswagen

Mechanism “Volkswagen” type

Entrance door mechanism “Volkswagen” type

Portal system “Volkswagen” type actually has got a special opening mechanism – pull and slide –   for PVC and aluminium frames. The construction is made by an opening wing and fixed part that is not to be opened. While opening you pull the handle towards you and the wing slides in front of the fixed part of the showcase or the window. This sliding action is performed on a special rail and it has got the perfect rubber seal. The “Volkswagen” mechanisms is distinguished by extremely comfortable and ease wings sliding action. They can be opened as a “falling wing” as well.

Showcases can be made out of this type of mechanisms combined with the most of the standard aluminium or PVC window profiles.

This mechanism is used when there is a need for space-care (small or narrow places). Also if you care for higher opening and service comfort in comparison with the doors and windows with conventional, ordinary opening.


обков за прозорци Active Pilot


АctivPilot Comfort – Combined fitting system with parallel movement of the wing in front of the sash

wing in front of the sash

WinkHaus is established and proved fitting system for your doors and windows. A serious guarantee for your home’s security and effortless handling. There is a high quality of all components within the latest WINKHAUS development – the activPILOT system is with clear and well coordinated ideas. This is one optimized, further refined and modern system from a new generation fitting systems. The perfect safety of the premises is combined with higher security and more locking points, the implemented constructive elements are considerably fewer than those of the fitting systems before.