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Premi Door 88 система за пвц плъзгане на прозорци

Kömmerling PremiDoor 88

PVC плъзгане KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 88

new system of lift/sliding doors type that realises maximum opening, extremely resistant!

PremiDoor 88 is a new system of lift/sliding doors type that realises maximum openings – sash sizes up to 2,90m. PremiDoor 88 has an extremely stable construction resistant to wind and other impacts, which combined with its aesthetic appearance provides you with all the potential for the optimal performance of interesting architectural solutions. PremiDoor 88 portal is also impressive with its good indicators for thermal insulation and sound protection, at the same time it provides a constant flow of natural light and a feeling for spaciousness.

Kömmerling PremiLine

KÖMMERLING PremiLine PVC sliding systems

effective PVC sliding system from the German producer

PremiLine is a type of PVC sliding window frames made by Kömmerling.  PremiLine stands out with its elegant shapes and smooth and easy motion. The system, compatible with all 70mm window systems, guarantees easy assemblage and a wide variety of different profile combinations. Here are just some of PremiLine sliding system advantages: available in the most diverse colour variants, possible glazing in large sizes, very easy and smooth motion.

система за pvc плъзгане

Kömmerling PremiDoor

KÖMMERLING PremiDoor PVC sliding system

Innovative systems – lift/sliding doors – available in surprisingly large sizes that creates vast and flexible openings!

PremiDoor – the lif/sliding door system is available in surprisingly large sizes – with sash sizes up to 3m wide and 2.5m high. This system is appealing with its impressively stable construction, spacious opportunities and maximum passage of light. PremiDoor portal is the most natural connection between home and  surrounding nature. PremiDoor is a premium class product, its appeal also lies in its elegant design look and its technical features: the best values for thermal insulation and sound protection, stability and resistance. It is with high user comfort and great handling ease.