PVC window frames from Kömmerling Germany

We offer the required quality for creating the comfort and cosiness you deserve!

Kömmerling is the main brand we use in producing PVC window frames. The German company systems meet all requirements and standards imposed on producing and assembling windows.

Five and six-chamber profile systems insulate even the slightest noise coming from the outside. Besides sound protection, Kömmerling window frames, prevent any cold or heat influence coming from the exterior environment, furthermore it perfectly insulates the room that is equipped with precise and high quality German window technology.

We kindly offer to your attention another option for PVC windows; these are profiles crafted with the Profilink technology. Profilink is a Bulgarian company that has been on the market since 1992.
For two decades Profilink’s customers as well as ours – enjoy warm homes and offices in severe winter conditions and cool homes and offices during hot summer days and nights.

Five chamber Profilink profiles are excellent choice and the perfect decision for good window frames. This is a choice that ensures long-term investment. Profilink guarantees strength and stability for your home or office through additional integrated metal reinforcement. This type of system is available in wide colour range – appealing colours for individual desire.

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Система за Пвц прозорци и врати KÖMMERLING 76

Kömmerling 76

PVC window frames KÖMMERLING 76

Five chamber German windows profile system for doors and windows

KÖMMERLING 76 is the most modern and the best system for windows and doors in its range. Top quality, significantly reducing heating costs, optimal insulation, secure protection against burglary and wide design possibilities – with 76 KÖMMERLING you improve the quality of lifestyle and take the right decision.


The best window system in its range.

KÖMMERLING 76 do not compromise, but offers you all advantages of the modern windows.
From design through functionality, construction physics and thermal insulation to ecology and durability, this system meets both current and also future requirements.


Innovative technologies.

KÖMMERLING 76 is designed so original that the window can be assembled with advanced three-layer glass or special functional glass with thickness up to 48 mm. Thanks to the intelligent technology of attachment, the installation is done fast, clean and easy. Replacing old windows with new modern windows KÖMMERLING 76 system is all plain work.

Пвц прозорци PROFILINK CLASSICOut Of Stock

Profilink Classic

PVC window-frames Profilink Classic

Four chamber Bulgarian profile system

PROFILINK ClASSIC is a 4-chamber system. Its profile is with 60 mm depth for producing high quality PVC windows. This system is distinguished because of the best combination between quality and price. This  combination provides the chance of economical solution for energy savings with excellent performance.

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Profilink Premium

PVC windows Profilink Premium

Five chamber Bulgarian profile system for windows

PROFILINK PREMIUM is a 5-chamber PVC window frame, distinguished by a modern look and extremely high levels of sound protection and thermal efficiency.

PREMIUM PVC profiles series were created by a special technology covering all technical and climatic standards, thus you feel protected at any time and during any weather conditions, both in your home and your office. PROFILINK PREMIUM is available in three colour scales – standard colour scale and colours C1 and C2 so every building can have a completed elegant vision.

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Kömmerling EuroFutur Classic

PVC windows Kömmerling EuroFutur Classic

Five chamber German windows profile system

EuroFutur Classic is the standard, basic profile in Kömmerling range. It is a 5-chamber 70 mm profile for PVC window and door frames from Class A. The external walls are 3 mm wide and just like the rest of the Kömmerling profiles, they are produced only in Germany. Distinguished by straight and clear shapes, high quality and incredibly long durability. Kömmerling Classic has a heat transfer coefficient Uf-Wert = 1,3 W / (m2K). Combined with appropriate glazing this system provides extremely high insulation values – perfectly appropriate for the general weather conditions in Bulgaria.

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Kömmerling 88 plus

PVC window frames Kömmerling 88 plus

Six-chamber German profile system for windows

Our customers are satisfied because we – from LUXPLAST company, also submit six-chamber solutions for your home and office.

88 Plus is the icing on the cake that Kömmerling catalogue surprises even the most fastidious clients. Windows 88 Plus are distinguished with minimalist, individual, unique and very stylish design. PVC window frames meet all European standards reaching high levels of sound protection, thermal insulation and security. The quality of all materials used for producing 88 Plus is noticeable providing permanence, durability and aesthetics.