Living surrounded by green

Winter gardens make this dream come-true – every day, all year round. It is going to be your appealing space, that will keep you connected with nature. It can provide you with a daily breath of a holiday, as well as it improves the value of your home – an investment with a high importance for your future.

There always is a suitable place for the winter garden: open balconies, not used areas in your backyard, or as integrated space when newly building a home. Besides  size, the mere idea of a winter garden suggests a diversity of unexpected areas for its creation. It can be made out of PVC or aluminium frames. The winter-garden profiles can be made in unlimited RAL colours choice or in woodgrain finishing.








The winter garden tools add up to several key components: glass planes and structures with different profiles with options for opening parts: windows and doors.

The options for personalized organisation of the winter garden according to the particular placement are getting even wider due to the rich range of accessories and equipment.  Wherever possible it is advisable to predict the sun-movement for executing the project. The direct sunshine in these constructions is determinative, which depending on the season, place, weather and climate – whether heats or cools them differently.

The location choice for the winter garden depends on its designation:

  • North location – a working cabinet, studio, atelier, low light flow, but it is often used as a climate buffer;
  • East location – a place for having breakfast, as well as working place, protected by the powerful west sun in the afternoons;
  • West location – hot summer location; sun protecting system is compulsory as well as ventilation system;
  • South location – the longest sun shining, even in winter, perfect for using the winter garden as heat buffer. Sun protecting system is compulsory as well as ventilation system;

For producing winter gardens we mainly use aluminium frames from the ALUMIL – 10800 profiles.


A system with thermal barrier for atriums and dormers, with column width 55mm.


Suitable for different applications, such as pyramids, dormers, envelopes, claddings, etc.

Suitable for making large-sized atriums without using any additional mechanical fasteners.


The materials that are used are vertical and horizontal columns, aluminum profiles, stainless screws, as well as other types of connecting and attaching, that guarantees a high level of durability.

This system is perfectly combined with facade system M6 for producing complex constructions like facades, dormers, domes etc.

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