External built-in roller shutters

External built-in roller shutters

The external built in roller shutters are made of PVC box with insulation, PVC axis, aluminium components and polyurethane foam. The shutter’s box is being installed above the window sash or door sash. Made in this way the shutter provides you with maximum thermal insulation, without thermal barrier in the window-frames; it also adds additional sound protection level.

The in-built shutters have got a few advantages – their timeless design perfectly matches with the building environment, the box that holds the components is not seen through the window; they are easily accessed for maintenance; they can be installed simultaneously with the new window frames, in this way the installment time is shorter. The colour range offers multiple options for combining the shutters with the colour of the window frames and the walls. All perfectly matched to your décor.

There is a choice of control operations – manual (rope or crank gear) or motorized with a button or a remote control.


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  • Built-in PVC box with insulation and PVC axis
  • Aluminium components with polyurethane filling, 39 mm high
  • A choice of control operations – manually or motorized

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