External roller shutters

External roller shutters

The external roller shutters are practical and long-term investment due to its numeral qualities. They have an aluminum box with a special mechanism, in it the components are rolled when shutters are folding up; side axis, where the lamellas travel when moving up and down. The quality and durability are guaranteed by using very high quality materials. The diversity of materials and colours allows you to fulfill your personal desires.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Burglar resistance
  • High resistance against unpleasant staring done by passersby or neighbours
  • Sound protection
  • A choice of control operations – rope, crank gear or motorized
  • Three sizes of the box, depending on the shutter height – 137, 165 and 180
  • Lamellas height – 39 mm
  • These shutters can be installed on any window type – wooden, aluminium, PVC, nevertheless the profile systems or the season

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