Mechanism “Volkswagen” type

Entrance door mechanism “Volkswagen” type

Portal system “Volkswagen” type actually has got a special opening mechanism – pull and slide –   for PVC and aluminium frames. The construction is made by an opening wing and fixed part that is not to be opened. While opening you pull the handle towards you and the wing slides in front of the fixed part of the showcase or the window. This sliding action is performed on a special rail and it has got the perfect rubber seal. The “Volkswagen” mechanisms is distinguished by extremely comfortable and ease wings sliding action. They can be opened as a “falling wing” as well.

Showcases can be made out of this type of mechanisms combined with the most of the standard aluminium or PVC window profiles.

This mechanism is used when there is a need for space-care (small or narrow places). Also if you care for higher opening and service comfort in comparison with the doors and windows with conventional, ordinary opening.


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Portal system “Volkswagen”- opening style – pull and slide down a rail with the perfect rubber sealing – comfortable and smooth wings action, that can be opened as a “falling wing” type as well.

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