Kömmerling 88 plus

PVC window frames Kömmerling 88 plus

Six-chamber German profile system for windows

Our customers are satisfied because we – from LUXPLAST company, also submit six-chamber solutions for your home and office.

88 Plus is the icing on the cake that Kömmerling catalogue surprises even the most fastidious clients. Windows 88 Plus are distinguished with minimalist, individual, unique and very stylish design. PVC window frames meet all European standards reaching high levels of sound protection, thermal insulation and security. The quality of all materials used for producing 88 Plus is noticeable providing permanence, durability and aesthetics.

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Windows for passive buildings with new elegance!

In case of extremely high requirements and demands for thermal insulation, sound protection and security level, choose Kömmerling 88 Plus PVC window frames:

  • 88 Plus – six-chamber high thermal insulation system with three levels of sealing plus one central thermal sealing which guarantees an extremely high protection against driving rain, good insulation and a very high level of hermetic sealing against wind;
  •  frame width – 88 mm;
  • stylish design with elegant profile proportions;
  • thermal conductivity Uf coefficient from 1,0 up to ≤0,8 W/(m²K)s;
  • the level of sound protection depends on the glazing – up to 48 dB;
  • 88 Plus window frames are available with an outside aluminum cap and a colour according to your individual desire – as you can choose from the RAL catalogue.. 88 Plus window frames are also available with anodizing (treatment process that achieves incredible aesthetic effect – the structure of the aluminum remains porous and visible, respectively the resistance to corrosion and abrasion is also increased).

This profile is suitable for producing PVC front doors by implementing more solid and stronger wing.

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The excellent quality of this product meets all your expectations for invested capital and acquired results.

Kömmerling 88 Plus is a very suitable system in single-family houses as well as multi-family houses and apartment buildings with higher requirements for thermal protection. In terms of profitability and durability the constructive improvement of the window profile’s physical properties reaches its limits in the point of 88 mm.

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