Kömmerling EuroFutur Classic

PVC windows Kömmerling EuroFutur Classic

Five chamber German windows profile system

EuroFutur Classic is the standard, basic profile in Kömmerling range. It is a 5-chamber 70 mm profile for PVC window and door frames from Class A. The external walls are 3 mm wide and just like the rest of the Kömmerling profiles, they are produced only in Germany. Distinguished by straight and clear shapes, high quality and incredibly long durability. Kömmerling Classic has a heat transfer coefficient Uf-Wert = 1,3 W / (m2K). Combined with appropriate glazing this system provides extremely high insulation values – perfectly appropriate for the general weather conditions in Bulgaria.

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External aluminum cap can be produced in all available colours from RAL catalogue.

  • EuroFutur Classic is a 5-chamber system;
  • Frame width – 70 mm;
  • Window with clean and modern design with nice and narrow profile;
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient Uf = 1,3 W/m2 К;
  • The level of sound protection is according to the glazing– up to 34 dB;
  • ▪   EuroFutur Classic is available with an external aluminum cap and colour according to your individual desire – as you can choose from the RAL catalogue. EuroFutur Classic is also available with anodizing. Anodizing is a treatment process that achieves incredible aesthetic effect – the structure of the aluminum remains porous and visible, respectively resistance to corrosion and abrasion is also increased.
  • Available in wide colour range – appealing colours for individual desire.

This profile is suitable for producing PVC front doors by implementing more solid and stronger wing.

Range of colors


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Ефективност и функционалност на обкова – 5 години.
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