Profilink Classic

PVC window-frames Profilink Classic

Four chamber Bulgarian profile system

PROFILINK ClASSIC is a 4-chamber system. Its profile is with 60 mm depth for producing high quality PVC windows. This system is distinguished because of the best combination between quality and price. This  combination provides the chance of economical solution for energy savings with excellent performance.

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Range of colors

Cvetove Profilink


The exceptional heat transfer coefficient enables reaching all European standards for energy savings even with low-cost single-chambered glazings.

Sound protection

Sound protection reaches excellent test levels with normal glazing. Significantly higher levels are reached with special glazings.


Glass width up to 30 mm provides an opportunity for assembling the most advanced thermal and sound protection glasses.


The results of rigorous proficiency tests regarding air permeability and density in pouring rain meet the highest requirements.


Installed and screwed fitting systems in the profile system, provide a high level of basic anti-burglary protection. Higher levels are easily reached, such as anti-burglary protection class WK1, WK2 and WK3.


PROFILINK products are incredibly durable and with eminently high quality. One stand-out advantage is their very long lasting period of exploitation.

Гаранция за дограма от Luxplast

Уважаеми клиенти, за нашите продукти Ви осигуряваме следните гаранции:

PVC профили за прозорци Кьомерлинг (бели) – 10 години.
PVC профили за прозорци на Кьомерлинг (цветни) – 5 години.
Ефективност и функционалност на обкова – 5 години.
Херметизацията на стъклопакета – 5 години.Моля, прочетете повече за нашите специални цени!


гаранция за pvc дограма