Profilink Premium

PVC windows Profilink Premium

Five chamber Bulgarian profile system for windows

PROFILINK PREMIUM is a 5-chamber PVC window frame, distinguished by a modern look and extremely high levels of sound protection and thermal efficiency.

PREMIUM PVC profiles series were created by a special technology covering all technical and climatic standards, thus you feel protected at any time and during any weather conditions, both in your home and your office. PROFILINK PREMIUM is available in three colour scales – standard colour scale and colours C1 and C2 so every building can have a completed elegant vision.

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Range of colors

Cvetove Profilink

Characteristics and features of window frames with Profilink Premium profiles:

  • Window frames with stylish and attractive design.
  • 5-chamber PVC window system, 70 mm wide.
  • The window frames produced by this profile have excellent thermal characteristics – U = 1,27.
  • Excellent sound protection- 33 dB, providing the ever so needed peace and quietness.
  • PVC material with a very high quality. These window frames are highly resistant to environmental influence.
  • Use of special reinforcement for providing significant structure stability.
  • It can be manufactured with 24mm glazing which, respectively, increases the coefficient of sound protection and heat insulation.
  • “Premium” system is specifically developed for countries with similar to the Bulgarian meteorological and atmospheric conditions. This system entirely meets the requirements for energy efficiency. Remarkably stable system; the implementation of high quality modifiers is the foundation for achieving the very high class of this profile and it is a real guarantee for excellence in any aspect.

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Уважаеми клиенти, за нашите продукти Ви осигуряваме следните гаранции:

PVC профили за прозорци Кьомерлинг (бели) – 10 години.
PVC профили за прозорци на Кьомерлинг (цветни) – 5 години.
Ефективност и функционалност на обкова – 5 години.
Херметизацията на стъклопакета – 5 години.Моля, прочетете повече за нашите специални цени!


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