In August 2013 I signed a contract for window frames construction with Luxplast. After a long market research, I decided to use mainly their service because I was impressed by the quick preparation of the offer and the extraordinary competence of Mrs.Vladimirova whom I was in contact with. After the initial offer was prepared, some corrections on the preliminary parameters needed to be made. Mrs Vladimirova was really helpful during the process and her professionalism was crucial for the precise definition of every detail of the offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment I received. All my questions were answered in a timely and competent manner and I received some practical pieces of advice which left me with the impression that the team is highly motivated in the pursuit of the customer’s needs satisfaction by the offered service.

When the technicians came to take size measurements I could confirm the professionality of Luxplast’s team. The knowledge and competence of the technical lead were at a very high level. The same goes for the team in charge of the installation with the necessary precision and agility.

I would like to note that the deadlines for the manufacture were met and all the appointments for the size measurements and installation strictly followed. Those were fixed according to my family’s convenience.

The installed window frames met all of my expectations. In my opinion, the quality of the fitting system and the profiles are worthy of the high standards of any company that would like to place itself as a market leader.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Luxplast’s team and would gladly use their services in future.

Nezabravka Koleva