I had planned an overhaul of my flat with the subsequent change of the window frames in all the rooms.

I am a person of very careful choices which was also applied to the window frames.

The location of the flat required high quality frames in terms of noise and thermal insulation.

After some internet research I chose KÖMMERLING 88plus and Luxplast.

The company places an emphasis on energy effectiveness and this was precisely one of the main reasons for my decision to work with them.

They sent a technician as soon as it was convenient for me and we discussed all the possibilities for the optimal price/quality ratio.

The timeframes for the delivery and installation were not very short but were justified by the quality I expected as my first priority.

The company met all the agreed timeframes. The installation work was efficient and professional. I was amazed at the precision with which every detail was measured.

I wish every success to Luxplast and I hope that more and more people enjoy your team’s work and professionalism.

Best regards,

Todor Vergov