Aluminum doors

Doors with outstanding strength and durability

The aluminum doors are the most rational and appropriate solution when it comes to the doors of residential, public and administrative buildings, as well as commercial buildings like cinemas, restaurants and shops. The significantly higher firmness and durability, smaller size profiles, and countless choice of colours, altogether make them extremely functional and preferred choice for designers and architects. The aluminum doors are available with aluminum frame and without thermal barrier, that is to say – without thermal insulation properties. Due to its low market value and its leading strength, this is the most efficient option for producing interior doors or partitions in premises with no thermal insulation requirements. Aluminum profiles with thermal barrier carry very good thermal insulation values, due to their special polyamide implementations they significantly improve the heat transfer coefficient. Thanks to all mentioned above the aluminium doors are also widely used as exterior doors of buildings and locations with increased exploitation.

Schüco – Germany

Spread your individual design ideas and create with front doors by Schüco LUXPLAST – the variety of design options provide the best conditions for an individual architecture, the products can be perfectly matched to your personal  taste and the style of the building. At the same time the front door provides excellent thermal insulation and increased security. LUXPLAST offers premium locking systems, options for fitting systems that personalize your new front door, Heavy Duty (HD) series – solutions for large doors used in busy sectors of private, commercial  and public buildings; door-sizes – up to three meters and weight up to 200 kg.  The Heavy Duty systems (HD) are optimized for constant maximum usage and meet the highest requirements for durability and increased frequency of operation.

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