Corporate Partners Program

Throughout the whole process – from the very first idea to its realization – our task is the achievement of impeccable quality for all the products. We accomplish that by paying attention to every detail and by choosing renowned partners that have proven their excellence as international manufacturers.

We offer you the whole process of choice, fabrication and assembly of the windows and doors for your project.  First of all, you get the professional advice and consultation in the choice of the most suitable product in accordance with your individual needs and the specific requirements of the project itself – the type of frame (aluminium or PVC), the choice of the color out of a rich spectrum of possibilities and an almost unlimited range of choices for powder coating from a catalogue. Furthermore, we offer the optimal building depth and number of chambers for the plastic compositions, guaranteeing the necessary thermal isolation and the aesthetics of the construction.

An important aspect to consider is the heat loss coefficient and the good noise protection, both depending on the right combination of glazing and window pane – we will help you make the best decision bearing in mind the exposure and specific aspects of the building.

We offer specific pane categories for the most non-standard projects in relation to the load-carrying capacity, construction statics and the possibility of a variety of architectural solutions.

In addition, you get a reliable fitting system, which is of utmost importance in the cases of frequent use (administrative, public or residential building entrances); special aluminium frames for suitable fire resistance and smoke impermeability solutions; a variety of automation and access control solutions, anti-burglary and antipanic functions, along with all the additional accessories (blinds, anti-mosquito nets, sills, etc.).
As a part of our collaboration with our customers, we offer flexible individual payment schemes consistent with the current market trends.

All the projects and technical specificities are prepared by our designers’ team. For additional technical considerations in the case of complex constructions we use the services of highly specialized design consultants.

We aim at facilitating as much as possible the synchronizing of the assembly with the rest of the construction activities at your site by preparing an assembly schedule in advance  consistent with your needs, offering the possibility of staging in the installation – by storeys, facades, etc.
We possess the necessary lifting equipment for the implementation of large-scale and non-standard constructions and glazings.

We provide consultation and control during the whole contract implementation process, at each stage of the manufacture, expedition and assembly of your order. Our production process is organized in accordance with all the technological prescriptions, which are taken into consideration at the assembling of the main frames and additional materials, fixing elements (Wurth) and strengthening panes – the material we use is originally produced in Germany, with  1.5 and 2 mm, consistent with the technical requirements of Kommerling.


The assembly is in charge of experienced teams that have gone through a professional training – a guarantee for an accurate and unproblematic functionality and a long-term technical working order of our products. In the case of a tighter budget or the optimization of the construction expenses, we can offer the possibility of  only production and transportation of the products to your site without the assembly.

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