PVC плъзгане на КЬОМЕРЛИНГ

Should we choose a 5 or 6-chamber profile?

That would depend on the effect you would like to achieve. In the first place it is important to know if your wall has the necessary depth for the installation to be correct and unproblematic.

An additional 3-4 cm is needed apart from the width needed for the profile installation for the window can be correctly levelled and to function in an optimal way.

If there is no width restriction, each of the two profiles has its advantages. The 5-chamber profile is aesthetically superior but the 6-chamber one in combination with a triple window glazing offers the best heat-insulation values and quality.

The 5-chamber profile would be enough for the weather conditions in Bulgaria but bearing in mind the little price difference between the two, the choice is more a matter of personal preference.

What is the difference between double and triple glazing?

Double glazing is a combination of two panes with an air space between them. Different kinds of window panes can be combined for that purpose.

Triple glazing is a combination of three panes with two air spaces between them. Here the variety of panes to be combined is wider. Of Course, the appropriate combination for the triple glazing is beneficial either for better sound protection or for better thermal insulation. It is up to personal preferences, depending on the effect you go after..

Is Argon necessary?

Argon is a volatile, innocuous and colourless gas.It has no scent or flavour.Its purpose is to improve the insullation quality of the glazing. Its price is insignificant in comparison to the whole glazing but its advantages are real and considerable. Our advice is – Order your new window glazing with Argon!

What is WInkhaus fitting system like and how is it superior to the other brands on the market?

Winkhaus is a high-quality German fitting system. It works with the last generation of Active Pilot and successfully meets all its customers’ needs. It offers great innovations in the fields of anti-burglary and security; different and unusual ways of opening and natural ventilation solutions, among other.

Is there a steel covering in the profiles and what is its function?

KOMMERLING profiles stand out for their longevity and sturdiness. These are achieved thanks to the components used in the manufacturing of the profile along with the metal reinforcements employed during the process of fabrication of your window or door. The patented innovative steel reinforcement KOMMERLING offers the best statics and strength, not comparable to the other PVC profiles. Moreover, thanks to its additional bevelling it offers an additional barrier chamber.

Is there going to be condensation if I change my old frames?

Condensation is a natural process and appears when there is more than average humidity in the room, most often in kitchens, bedrooms or wet rooms. Hot air absorbs more humidity when in contact with a cold surface and the humidity that cannot be absorbed when the temperature is low is condensed. The solution is to ventilate the room often for short periods of time (about 5 minutes). If needed, LUXPLAST offers systems and solutions for additional ventilation and air-conditioning like the KOMMERLING technology Co Climate + which is an opening technology with the wing moving parallel to the frame.

How can I order my frame?

You can contact us for an approximate price of your new frame. You can use our on-line enquiry form at our official site or you may visit one of our offices, where the LUXPLAST sales assistants will offer the best advice and propose the best solutions for your needs to be met and your wishes fulfilled. The order for the frame or another product is made after the exact measures have been taken by one of our technical representatives and a preliminary contract has been signed. The contract can be signed immediately after the measures are taken or afterwards, at our office.

Shall I choose aluminium or PC frames?

The PVC one is a more practical solution when it comes to a residential building given its high heat-insulation coefficient, it’s with easy maintenance and it has got elegant design. When it comes to offices or public buildings the best solution are the aluminium frames because of their sturdiness but they are also with lower heat-insulation quality.

What is the period of order’s execution?

The timeline for your order’s execution depends on several factors like its volume, the existence of non-standard or specific elements, the frame’s colour (some of the colours are standard for the manufacturer – KOMMERLING – and can be found in store; however, others have to be performed for a specific order and require a longer timeline). At LUXPLAST we always try to minimize the period of delivery and installation so that our customers can be fully satisfied.

What will happen to my old frames?

Your old frames will be removed by us free of charge. We will also take care of its transportation to the closest depot to ensure minimal environmental impact and your maximum convenience. This service would include a minor fee.

Should I order inner or outer sills?

The inner sills will provide elegance and completeness to your frames. It is important for you to know that their installation has to be carried out with the rest of the window system. A posterior installation is not recommended. The outer aluminium sills and shields will safeguard your windows from the harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc.

Will I get a discount by ordering Luxplast products?

We offer a flexible system of bonuses and discounts to our customers. The amount of the discount will depend on the order’s volume and both our long-term and potential clients are eligible for it. Other aspects that determine the amount of the discount are the colour and type of the chosen profiles, the current discount schemes available, the payment method, etc.

What guarantee do you offer for your products?

The guarantees are the same as the manufacturer KOMMERLING offers for its frames depending on their type and colour. In the case of white frames the warranty is 10 years, for the foiled ones it is 5 years. We also provide a free guarantee maintenance for the quality of the casing, the glass sealing and the installation itself.

What inner doors do you recommend?

The inner doors can be aluminium or PVC depending on the purpose of the premises. It is more practical for them to be aluminium without a thermal barrier (we do not normally need high levels of thermal insulation in those cases) given the smaller width of the profile (which makes them significantly lighter than the PVC doors) and last but not least, their lower price.

What colour would you offer for my frame?

We offer a wide range of colour choices for both aluminum and PVC windows and doors. The KOMMERLING catalogue provides a huge variety of colours and wooden imitations that can be combined with any project and interior. The aluminium products can also be delivered in a wooden colour or any of the colours within the RAL catalogue.