Our Partners!

Established companies in the world of windows


Schüco – Aluminium systems for windows, doors and facades

A technological leader in the field of building envelopes, Schüco is an example of constant flow of innovations.

Millions of products with the Schüco trademark have been used throughout the world, satisfying the highest standards of design, comfort, security and energetic effectiveness.


AGC – Glazings and special-purpose glass

A leading company that operates on a global level, dedicated to the manufacture and treatment of glass for architectural purposes. The quality of their product is in line with the high standards of energy efficiency, solar control, robustness and aesthetics, which makes AGC the most reliable glass producer.

KÖMMERLING – Aluminium profile systems for windows and doors

At Luxplast we take pride in the fact that we are a licensed KÖMMERLING  manufacturer – a measure for unparalleled quality, elegance and endurance. As a leading supplier of profile entrance doors, windows and sun protection solutions, KÖMMERLING is a synonym of high quality and economic system solutions on a common.


WinkHaus Fitting systems for windows, doors and entrance halls

German fitting systems for PVC window frames that offer all the modern solutions for impeccable functioning and service for your windows and doors. The company has a proven guarantee service and offers an exceptional security level for your home. Winkhaus has gained the customers’ recognition thanks to its innovative products and competitive service for more than 150 years. Window frame producers, architects, constructors and customers worldwide value Winkhaus’s variety of services and the high quality of its intelligent technologies as the ultimate locking systems systems of the brand.


Hautau – Fitting systems for entrance halls

Fitting systems for entrance halls, offering a wide spectrum of choice in the execution of non-standard constructions such as different types of slides –  e.g. “Volkswagen”, lift/sliding  doors, entrance portal systems’ elements and many others. Hautau fitting systems feature the construction and service for PVC and aluminium frames of unusually large scale maintaining exceptional security levels. For decades, since its foundation in 1910, HAUTAU has established itself as a leader among the fitting systems and accessories producers. The constant investments and modernization of the productions processes guarantee the products’s flexibility and excellent functionality.



Elvial – Aluminum windows – systems for windows, doors.


Etem – Aluminium glazing – window and door systems

Etem is our partner since 2006. We use the ETEM aluminium profiles for the production of aluminium high quality frames at an affordable price. ETEM is one of the leading companies in aluminium extrusion in Southeast Europe. Founded in 1971, ETEM is the first company to fully integrate the process of designing and construction of architectural systems and aluminium profiles. The company is constantly investing in innovation, equipment and personnel, aiming at a final product that enhances the environment in residential, commercial or working areas.



Würth – Fasteners

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG Group is a world leader in the production of assembly equipment, fasteners, dowels, and other accessories that excel in quality and longevity. Our windows and doors are mostly constructed with Würth fasteners guaranteeing excellent functionality and endurance.


Henkel – Insulation materials

Luxplast uses Henkel high quality insulation materials with the aim of sealing and insulation of the joints between the new frames and the existing masonry and panel. It is important that this often neglected and vulnerable zone be treated accordingly with waterproof and vapour permeable materials which makes the premises free of moisture and mould. Henkel Group takes pride in its 130-year history. The company is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of glues and construction materials. It provides construction professionals worldwide with the needed products and system solutions. Innovation is of strategic importance to Henkel as it is the foundation of its future plans and portfolio.


Klaes – Software

Klaes – Software takes leading role in the field of making innovative software solutions for windows and doors construction. During its 30 years of experience Klaes manages to globally expand its activity and services impact. Now they have partners in more than 50 countries. Thanks to its exceptional business ethics, politics and maintaining warm connection with every reputable producer – Klaes successfully submits excellent, comfortable and flexible software that integrates and covers every single stage of the contemporary frames production.


Construction and repair services