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I am writing this letter to express my opinion and gratitude towards the team of Luxplast. I was about to undertake an overhaul and wanted my new window frames to be of excellent quality. After some research I chose Kömmerling 88+ . Your company grabbed my attention after surfing through Kömmerling 88+ official site for Bulgaria.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I visited Luxplast’s office. The lady that welcomed me explained the differences between the different frames, glasses and locking mechanisms in a very competent way. My decision to work with Luxplast was influenced by the fact that they offer to take measures and prepare a preliminary offer without any contractual binding, which is not the case for many other companies that offer Kömmerling.

I was even more impressed by the employee’s attitude when he came to take the measures at the site. He answered all my questions patiently and proficiently. He recommended the right glazing for each room in accordance with the exposure.

It was a real challenge to create the project for one of the rooms, where there was going to be demolishing, partitioning, curves and a door to a balcony. The employee assured me that after the construction work was finished and before the beginning of the frame manufacture he would visit the premises again to make sure no further corrections are needed and all the measures previously taken are accurate. And indeed the miracle happened. The measures were confirmed, the offer was updated and once the given timeframe elapsed I had a wonderful window frame, installed professionally exactly as I had imagined.


I am truly satisfied.

I would recommend Luxplast to anyone who needs a quality window frame and is hesitant about which company to choose.

Thanks to everyone from the Luxplast team


Georgui Chochev

Georgui Chochev

I had planned an overhaul of my flat with the subsequent change of the window frames in all the rooms.

I am a person of very careful choices which was also applied to the window frames.

The location of the flat required high quality frames in terms of noise and thermal insulation.

After some internet research I chose KÖMMERLING 88plus and Luxplast.

The company places an emphasis on energy effectiveness and this was precisely one of the main reasons for my decision to work with them.

They sent a technician as soon as it was convenient for me and we discussed all the possibilities for the optimal price/quality ratio.

The timeframes for the delivery and installation were not very short but were justified by the quality I expected as my first priority.

The company met all the agreed timeframes. The installation work was efficient and professional. I was amazed at the precision with which every detail was measured.

I wish every success to Luxplast and I hope that more and more people enjoy your team’s work and professionalism.

Best regards,

Todor Vergov

Todor Vergov

Two years ago I made a reconstruction of a house that I had bought in the neighborhood of Simeonovo, Sofia. The house had 20 windows with a special configuration and stained glass that I was determined to keep.

The biggest window frame companies in Sofia could not find a solution to that situation.

An architect advised me to get in touch with Luxplast. I did and good thing I did as I was really surprised to say the least.

Their attitude, punctuality and the solutions they offered impressed me.

Their professionalism and creativity were obvious.

I am an engineer myself and really appreciated their ideas about the widows and the stained glass.

I highly recommend the company and can assure their future customers that their choice will be justified.


Dr. N. Markova

Dr. N. Markova

In August 2013 I signed a contract for window frames construction with Luxplast. After a long market research, I decided to use mainly their service because I was impressed by the quick preparation of the offer and the extraordinary competence of Mrs.Vladimirova whom I was in contact with. After the initial offer was prepared, some corrections on the preliminary parameters needed to be made. Mrs Vladimirova was really helpful during the process and her professionalism was crucial for the precise definition of every detail of the offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment I received. All my questions were answered in a timely and competent manner and I received some practical pieces of advice which left me with the impression that the team is highly motivated in the pursuit of the customer’s needs satisfaction by the offered service.

When the technicians came to take size measurements I could confirm the professionality of Luxplast’s team. The knowledge and competence of the technical lead were at a very high level. The same goes for the team in charge of the installation with the necessary precision and agility.

I would like to note that the deadlines for the manufacture were met and all the appointments for the size measurements and installation strictly followed. Those were fixed according to my family’s convenience.

The installed window frames met all of my expectations. In my opinion, the quality of the fitting system and the profiles are worthy of the high standards of any company that would like to place itself as a market leader.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Luxplast’s team and would gladly use their services in future.

Nezabravka Koleva

Nezabravka Koleva

Feedback about Luxplast concerning the installation of window frames in a family house in Pancharevo, Sofia.

After the construction exhibition Stroiko 2000 in 2013 we asked Luxplast to extend an offer about the installation of Kommerling window frames. Mrs. Vladimirova made the initial offer with different options and configurations along with a detailed explanation of all the possibilities. The communication we had was quick and accurate.

After the clarifications we made our final decision and a technician came to take size measurements. We made some small corrections and received some valuable advice that afterwards followed. The production and installation of the window frames was performed within the agreed timelines. We only had a problem with one of the glasses just after the installation but it was quickly dealt with.

We would like to thank Luxplast for their correctness and good service and we would strongly recommend them for the production of your window frames.

Diana Mangova

Diana Mangova

I would like to express gratitude to the whole LUXPLAST team for their professionalism and the job well done. The associates at their office are highly qualified and at the same time nice and polite. The technical representatives helped with the choice of the frames and the type of glass according to the specificities of the flat. The fact that the technicians came at the agreed time made a pleasant impression on me. Upon their arrival, they immediately started their work without any waste of time. They finished the work very quickly and even helped with the disposal of the old frames. The assembly was carried out smoothly and efficiently. Later on there was a slight problem with closing one of the wings but a technician was sent by the company and the issue was dealt with immediately.

I would gladly recommend Luxplast to everyone that needs window frames with high quality and excellent service.

Thank you very much,



With the current reference I would like to express my satisfaction and high esteem of the professionalism and great teamwork of Luxplast Ltd.‘s employees in the manufacture and assembly of KOMMERLING aluminium and PVC frames. They did an excellent job at my place and at some acquaintances of mine homes to whom I strongly recommended LUXPLAST’s services.

During our collaboration Luxplast Ltd. proved to be reliable partners who completely justified my choice. The quality of my newly installed window frames is a fact. This makes me think that all the certificates the company holds are the result of strictly following the rules and requirements in the manufacture of window frames. Their long-term experience leads to their clients’ satisfaction with the final result.

In consequence, and judging from my own positive experience, I strongly recommend LUXPLAST Ltd. as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Desislava Hadjiiska

Desislava Hadjiiska

In addition, after one year has already passed and I can further share my experience with the newly acquired KOMMERLING window frames installed by Luxplast at my home, I can once again express my gratitude for the great service I received, the way I was treated as a client and the deadlines that were strictly met by the company during all the stages of the project – starting with making of the initial offer, the deinstallation, the disposal of my old wooden frames up through the assembly of my new frames.

My home is now a much more pleasant and cozy place.

I wish you to keep up with the high standards and to have much professional success in the future!


Ivaylo Iliev

Ivaylo Iliev