PVC Doors

doors composed of five and six chamber pvc profiles

Due to its very good thermal insulation properties PVC doors are a practical solution for front doors of houses or outdoor terraces, combining the very well balanced qualities of aesthetics, warmth and security.

The main difference between standard wings and PVC “winged-doors” is the larger size of the profile thus  making it possible for installing hinges with greater load capacity and a handle with locking mechanism. The frame can be with a high threshold (from the frame’s profile) or low aluminum threshold that allows easy passage preventing stumbling. Another thing that distinguishes PVC doors from standard balcony doors (window type) is the possibility of outside opening  as well as outside handle placing..

PVC doors are available in vast colour selection, wide range of woodgrain finishing as well as diverse solutions for wing-fillings; it can be thick, dense (with thermopanel filling in the same colour as the profiles – smooth or decorative, with different ornamental glass shapes, implemented in the panel; or MDF – medium-density fibreboard); or it can be glazing with various ornamental glass.


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