Feedback about Luxplast concerning the installation of window frames in a family house in Pancharevo, Sofia.

After the construction exhibition Stroiko 2000 in 2013 we asked Luxplast to extend an offer about the installation of Kommerling window frames. Mrs. Vladimirova made the initial offer with different options and configurations along with a detailed explanation of all the possibilities. The communication we had was quick and accurate.

After the clarifications we made our final decision and a technician came to take size measurements. We made some small corrections and received some valuable advice that afterwards followed. The production and installation of the window frames was performed within the agreed timelines. We only had a problem with one of the glasses just after the installation but it was quickly dealt with.

We would like to thank Luxplast for their correctness and good service and we would strongly recommend them for the production of your window frames.

Diana Mangova